A plan of long term preventive care is the best way to prevent dental emergencies.  Refresh Dentistry in Broken Arrow will help you determine the best plan for preventive care.

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 Brian Patten, DDS
Dr. Patten is committed to providing the best care to each of his patients. He offers a wide range of dental services so that he can provide individualized care that caters to the needs of each and every patient. Dr. Patten has an incredibly caring team to help him create and restore the best smiles! 

We understand that dental conditions can be hard to see and comprehend, and we believe that every patient deserves to be fully aware of their conditions, the effects those conditions have on their body, and what is necessary to treat any problems and prevent further future problems.

Our mission is to provide excellent dental care and patient service to provide each and every patient with a confident smile that is comfortable to chew and speak. Our team is committed to being exceptionally caring and helpful to ensure each patient receives the treatment he or she needs in a comforting environment.

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 Dale Kasting, DMD
Dr. Kasting is aslo committed to providing the best care to each of his patients. He particularly enjoys and focuses on cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dr. Kasting has been in Sand Springs for over 15 years and has over 30 years of experience as a dentist.

At Smile Again Dental Care, excellence is the priority.  With our comfortable facility, and the best technology dentistry has to offer, our office creates a comfortable environment and our staff is thoroughly trained to provide the most excellent patient care.